ZSTW B water mist sprinkler

Model: ZSTW B-15, ZSTW B-20, ZSTW B-25 Flow Characteristics: 15 20 25 Thread Size: R₂ 1/2 Nominal Working Pressure:  0.35MPa Injection Angle(°): 120

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Model ZSTW B-15 ZSTW B-20 ZSTW B-25
Flow Characteristics 15 20 25
Thread Size R₂ 1/2
Nominal Working Pressure 0.35MPa
Injection Angle(°) 120
Water mist sprinkler refers to the sprinkler that decomposes the water flow into water droplets less than 1mm under a certain water pressure. Water mist sprinkler is an important component of its system. It works under a certain water pressure, decomposes the flowing water into small droplets and sprays them into fog shape. It sprays uniformly according to a certain atomization angle and covers the outer surface of the protected object within the corresponding range, so as to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing, fire suppression and cooling protection. Water mist sprinklers usually consist of water supply network, control valve, detector and other components, which are used to extinguish electrical equipment fire and flammable liquid fire. They are widely used in power plants, large transformers, liquefied petroleum storage tanks, etc. By the application and development of water mist extinguishing system,it has realized the fire fighting of oil and electrical equipment by using water, and has overcome the shortcoming that gas fire extinguishing system is not suitable for outdoors or larger spaces.


The water mist ejected by the water mist sprinkler forms a cone extending around the axis of the sprinkler, and its cone top angle is the atomization angle of the water mist sprinkler.

Centrifugal atomization:

When the water flow enters the sprinkler, it is decomposed into rotating water flow with centrifugal speed moving along the inner wall and straight water flow with axial speed. The two water flows converge in the sprinkler, and then spray from the sprinkler at its synthetic speed to form atomization.

Impact atomization:

The water flow collides with the splash plate to form atomization.

Classification of water mist sprinklers:

Type a spray sprinkler A centrifugal atomizing sprinkler with a certain angle between the water inlet and the water outlet. Type B spray sprinkler Centrifugal atomizing sprinkler with water inlet and water outlet in a straight line. Type C spray sprinkler A sprinkler that produces atomization due to impact.My company's main fire products are: sprinkler head, spray head, water curtain sprinkler head, foam sprinkler head, early suppression quick response sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler head, glass ball sprinkler head, hidden sprinkler head, fusible alloy sprinkler head, and so on. Support ODM/OEM customization, according to customer requirements.




We have many imported processing equipment to support the manufacturing of various fire sprinklers, hardware and plastics.The products will pass strict inspection and screening before leaving the factory to eliminate the output of defective products

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