Brass flush fire sprinkler pendent sprinkler fusible alloy sprinkler

Response time index:fast response/ standard response Installation mode:pendent/ sidewall Nominal diameter(mm):DN15 K factor:k=80 Rated Working Pressure:1.2MPa Testing pressure:3.0MPa

Products Details

Temperature rating Frame color code
72℃ No sign required
105℃ White

Product support customized

Product introduction

This product is a sprinkler with fusible alloy as the temperature sensing element. Except for the root thread, all or part of the body of the sprinkler is installed in the sprinkler embedded in the shield of the ceiling. The sprinkler assembly contains a small fusible solder element. When exposed to enough heat from the fire, the solder melts and the internal parts of the sprinkler fall off. At this time, the sprinkler starts and the deflector drops to its operating position to allow water to flow. It has the characteristics of stability, firmness, durability, environmental protection, antifreeze and so on, which can not be compared with the sprinkler with ordinary glass bulb as the temperature sensing element. The appearance design is novel, beautiful and compact, easy to install, and there is no need for the secondary action after the decorative ring falls off, so it’s fire extinguishing function is more timely.


For proper operational sensitivity, the product must be installed under a solid ceiling with a smooth or textured surface.
The product shall not be used above or below the open grid ceiling; Under soffits or beams more than 3 inches high, unless a satisfactory beam ceiling is installed; Alternatively, beams, joists, or pipes are more than 3 inches high in areas covered by sprinkler.
Beams more than 3 inches high can place center lines along the boundaries that separate adjacent sprinkler coverage areas.
Do not hang anything on the sprinkler.
Do not use any chemical cleaner to clean the sprinkler head. You can gently wipe with a brush to remove surface attachments: such as spider webs, dust and etc.

Sprinkler spacing standard

The minimum spacing between sprinkler heads is 8 feet. The maximum spacing between sprinkler heads shall not exceed the hydraulically calculated coverage length.

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