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1.Sprinkler The fire sprinkler head is used for the fire sprinkler system. In case of fire, water is sprinkled through the sprinkler head splash tray to extinguish the fire. It is divided into drooping sprinkler head, vertical sprinkler head, ordinary sprinkler head, side wall sprinkler head, etc. Sprinkler is a kind of sprinkler that starts automatically within the predetermined temperature range under the action of heat, or starts by the control equipment according to the fire signal, and sprays water according to the designed sprinkler shape and flow. 2.Classification of fire sprinkler In case of fire, the fire water is sprinkled evenly through the sprinkler head to control the fire in a certain area. Common sprinkler head types are: drooping type, vertical type, ordinary type and side wall type. 3.Pendant fire sprinkler The pendant sprinkler is the most widely used sprinkler, which is installed on the branch water supply pipe. The shape of the sprinkler is parabolic, and 80~100% of the total water volume is sprayed to the ground. For the protection of rooms with suspended ceilings, sprinklers shall be arranged under the suspended ceilings. Pendant sprinklers or suspended ceiling sprinklers shall be used. 4.Upright fire sprinkler The upright sprinkler head is vertically installed on the water supply branch pipe. The sprinkler shape is parabolic. It sprays 80~100% of the total water volume downward. At the same time, some of the water is sprayed to the ceiling. It is suitable for installation in places where there are many moving objects and are prone to impact, such as warehouses. It can also be concealed on the roof in the ceiling interlayer of rooms to protect the ceiling boron with many combustibles. (For places without suspended ceiling, when the water distribution branch pipe is arranged under the beam, the vertical type shall be adopted. For the parts prone to collision, the sprinkler with protective cover or suspended ceiling type sprinkler shall be adopted.)My company's main fire products are: sprinkler head, spray head, water curtain sprinkler head, foam sprinkler head, early suppression quick response sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler head, glass ball sprinkler head, hidden sprinkler head, fusible alloy sprinkler head, and so on. Support ODM/OEM customization, according to customer requirements.




We have many imported processing equipment to support the manufacturing of various fire sprinklers, hardware and plastics.The products will pass strict inspection and screening before leaving the factory to eliminate the output of defective products

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